How to Clean Commercial Floors

Domestic and commercial floor can often be the same but it is generally safe to say that commercial floor will experience more ‘traffic’ but it is also more likely to have heavy objects, such as furniture and equipment, which can cause damage and limit the effectiveness of general cleaning . A commercial floor can represent a significant investment and it is important to look after it properly and to keep it as clean as possible.

It is important to note that the term “commercial” is somewhat ambiguous as it can range from a small office or the corner store to large industrial factory – with a choice of flooring different result. To keep it simple, but we will consider the general office environment and focus on the general led a second floor.

Keeping the floor clean is always tricky, but the key is to prevent the floor getting dirty or damaged in the first place, so there are certain things to keep in mind.

-More ‘Traffic’

In almost all cases, commercial environment will be more people coming and going but almost all domestic environment. Whether it’s employees, customers or visitors, delivery people etc, all these people will come dirt and grit in on their shoes. People also often leave the office for lunch breaks and cigarette break so this risk is increased even more. Grit and dirt particles walked on the soles of shoes is one of the major risks for the floor, such as ceramic, vinyl and wood as it can cause surface scratching that makes dirt and bacteria to build up and stains on the floor over time. Install and use doormats at the entrances should reduce to some extent, as well as regular sweeping.

-People Be careless

This is a particular problem in a commercial environment that employees will not take the same care in the workplace as they do in their homes. People are less likely to wipe their feet, their shoes or even clean up the tea and coffee spills – Factors that are almost given in most domestic locations. This lack of attention may cause long-term problems to keep the floor looking good.

-Heavy Items

While home always contain a lot of furniture, this will not be on the same scale and even a small office which may include filing cabinets, desks, photocopiers and a number of chairs. These objects are also likely to get transferred or drag and increase the risk of scratching or in other cases, never moved at all, which means that the floor under these objects may be discolored with time go very unappealing overall finish.

The combination of these factors will lead to a height which is difficult to keep clean, even after regular cleaning efforts. Minimizing the impact of these factors is very important, as well as regular cleaning and sweeping, but it will inevitably come when a company that specializes in commercial floor cleaning needs to restore the floor to its original state.

A specialist cleaning company will be able to deal with difficult pigmentation and discoloration caused by surface scratches and provide more satisfactory finish. The type of services or technology used by commercial Floor Cleaning company depends on the location and type of floor – whether it is pressure and temperature cleaning system or deep cleaning after sealant or even surface sanding and re-closure of the more serious cases for wooden floors. It is always a good idea to talk to an expert to assess the condition of the floor – as well as ways to prevent damage to the surface and assist future cleaning efforts.

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